Life in the Swamp

For two years I lived with friends in the swamps of Florida, in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house on the edge of a lake. The bedrooms were set off from the main living area, connected only by an outdoor walk-way. Each bedroom opened directly to the outside, but had its own bathroom (mine sported teal […]

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misogyny: it’s a choice

I spent a year looking over my shoulder, wondering if my ex-boyfriend might show up one day, in a darkened parking lot or stairwell, and make me sorry for leaving. Even now, some 10 years later, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about him. He never hit me, […]

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Seeking Freedom Is Not a Crime

I’m not an expert on immigration law or activism — there are a great many people far more knowledgeable than me who’ve spent years working on this important issue. But as the wife of an immigrant, what is happening now in our country is deeply terrifying to me. And as a parent, I cannot live […]

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Oh, To Be A Swedish Mom

We didn’t exactly have a plan when it came to me going back to work. The funding for my job ran out a week before I went into labor. I wasn’t too bothered– If I was going to be laid off, the timing seemed kind of serendipitous. The job didn’t offer paid maternity leave anyway. […]

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